Our core values.

We Foster Education

Our scientists work on the leading edge to determine new opportunities in cannabinoids, cultivation, and processing.

We Pursue Excellence

We strive to provide consistency on an industrial scale in all avenues of the business from farming the extraction.


VT-CBD is directly involved in the plant cycle from seed to sale. With this relationship we are able to provide details from each batch of finished goods.

We Practice Honesty

We believe trust and loyalty in business is the only way to foster a long list of happy clients to withstand the test of time.

About our process.


01Our seedings start with the finest certified genetics from a worldwide leader in breeding technology. We start all of our plants in environmentally controlled greenhouses to begin the process early in the season. From there, the germinated plants are distributed to our farming partners for cultivation.

02The biomass is grown through organic techniques on fertile land that has been passed down for generations. These farms have a long history of producing high value crops and have established processes for ensuring farm wide standards for growth. This premium biomass is the start to all VT-CBD extracts and paves the way for pure end products.


03Once the crop has matured and the flowers are ready for harvest we start to stage transportation from the farms to our processing facility. In a scheduled rollout, our farmers take down their plants and finish a long season of growth.

04After arrival, our staff prepares the biomass for dehydration through our FDA approved food grade drying solution. The machine has sensors onboard to ensure an even bed temperature is provided at each step of the process. After completion, the biomass is milled and stored before being shipped off the the extraction laboratory.


05The extraction facility is the flagship operation of our supply chain. Built to cGMP spec this lab space is capable of producing high capacity volumes of consistent extracts. Due to all of the farmers growing consistent genetics, the machines can be tuned to achieve efficiencies throughout the process.

06With our team of chemists we are able to offer not only CBD, but exotic cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN as well. We specialize in all hemp extracts and we aim to continue to grow our product line capabilities and develop cannabinoid sciences each and every day. Whether you are looking for a large monthly agreement or just need a spot buy, be sure to contact us today!